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Your Brain Only Weighs 3lbs!

The adult brain weighs about 3 pounds. Just 3 pounds! From the day we are born, we spend the majority of our time focused on making our brains as strong and as smart as we can.

The sky is the limit with what we can learn if we really want to. You can become a scientist and cure diseases, solve the world’s environmental challenges, be an astronaut, be the next Silicon Valley tech mogul. You can become a CFO, an investment banker, a doctor. You can be an engineer. There is no lack of attention on helping you with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. But is there more to success than academics and STEM.

Now don’t get me wrong…I know education is one of the keys to success, but Ladies and Gentlemen, that is not all there is. Our brain represents less than 2 -3% of your body weight. How much time are you spending on the other 97-98% that fuels your brain? What do you do for the rest of you body and soul…what about your other organs, your skin, muscle, tendons, heart, bones, feet and skeleton that keeps us upright, fuels our brains and inspires us to achieve greatness? How do we make sure that we aren’t only STEM smart but that we are happy, healthy, compassionate and leading an inspiring and fulfilling life? How do we make sure we have that magical life?

F5 – Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finance. That’s how.

Children are committing suicide at unprecedented rates because of the pressure to succeed Too many kids have been taught that their understanding of STEM is all that defines them and determines how successful they will be in life. Adults, we’re in the same boat. Too many box themselves into STEM, and if they can’t succeed at that, they see themselves as a failure and feel hopeless.

I’m all in with the academics, but what about spending time focusing on what fuels that amazing 3 pound power computer between your ears? Stay balanced, get outside and connect with your peeps. If you keep connected to your F5, you will succeed in life….STEM or no STEM!

Tom Tognoli F5