Tognoli Time

What do you Worship?

Some will say they don’t worship. But the truth is, we all worship.

The real question is, what are we worshiping?

Some people get freaked out by the word “worship”...but it means nothing more than giving attention to, loving, focusing on and/or revering someone or something or an idol or sacred object. you worship family, money, friends, food, cars, the news, fitness, your job, sex, god/faith, cocktails, politics, nature, drugs, golf...

What should you be worshiping? Are they in alignment? If not, what needs to change?

I am not going to tell anyone who or what they need to worship. That is up to each of us to figure out individually. What I do know is, what we worship on expands, and we get closer to it every day...and all the good or bad that come with it.

Just make sure you are worshiping the right stuff.