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Trust, Commitment and Care

Steph Curry's message to your kids, and to you:

Trust, Commitment & Care

Why are you here?

You often hear me talk about F5 (Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness and Finance). Well we are going to talk a little faith, God and Jesus today, so stop reading if it freaks you out. I hope it doesn’t.

God put all of you on this planet for a reason…why? He gave all of us special gifts to impact the world and those around us. What are your gifts and what are you doing with them to have a positive impact on those around you? It may or may not be athletics, academics, energy, enthusiasm, compassion, love, a smile, warmth. Ask your friends and family to share with you what they see your God-given gifts to be.

I was never a great student or super athlete, but I think I was always a good friend. At least I have always tried to be. What God did give me was the ability to rally people and pull people together. What God gave me was energy, enthusiasm, optimism, a constant smile and the ability to help people to do things they themselves did not think they could do on their own.

The Golden State Warriors lost the NBA finals as true Warriors. But in the end, it was just a game. It is the platform that the game of basketball has put the players on, so they can impact the world. Some do a great job of it, and some not so much.

Check out the message Steph Curry delivered last Sunday…less than 48 hours after losing the Finals to the Raptors. He has it figured out. Do you?

Watch and learn here!

Tom Tognoli