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Swing Slow and Let it Go

If you’re a golfer, I know you have some goofy thing you say to yourself when you are standing over a golf ball just before you are about to hit it. What is it?

  • “I’m going to hit the crap out of this thing”
  • “God I hope I don’t miss it in front of all these people”
  • “left knee in, right toe out, straight left elbow, bent left knee, chin up, nose down, slightly closed right eye lid…”
  • Please don’t hit it thin”
  • “I hope I don’t hit it in the water or bunker”
  • “I hope it goes straight”
  • “Please don’t chunk it”
  • “Please don’t hit a slice”

How has that been working for you?

My guess is if you’re thinking something like that when standing over a golf ball there is a lot of frustration and anger in your game and the word “FORE!!” is getting yelled a lot on the course.

One of my all-time favorite PGA players is Ernie Els. He is not only a Major Champion but a down to earth humble guy. Ernie is quoted as saying “I swing slow and live with the extra distance”.

Ernie’s advice doesn’t only help you hit straighter and longer golf balls on the course but that same advice works in life, biz, relationships...everything.

We all have BHAG’s (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) we want to accomplish. What are yours? Yes we need to be fanatical and focused, disciplined. Yes we need to be accountable, and yes we need to work our butts off. Just as important as that stuff, we need to be crystal clear on what we need to focus on before we swing at our goals. Remember to not force it. Don’t rush it, be deliberate, be positive…swing slow. The key is a good positive mindset with good consistency and timing. Get that down, and the power will come.

So, what do I say to myself when I’m standing over a golf ball?

  1. I say the word “BELIEVE” two or three times in my head to build confidence before I address the golf ball.
  2. Then, when I am over the ball I remind myself to “swing slow and let it go”.
  3. Next, I let it rip and fire it at the flag.

When I do that, I play well. When I don’t do it, I suck. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Grip it and Rip it!

Tom Tognoli Swing Slow Let it Go F5