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Across the board!

Over the last 6 months since stepping away from Intero I have been able to spend time with some pretty amazing people. From publishers and authors, to people who have been on the cover of Forbes, pilots who fly jets, world class athletes, venture capitalists, founders, Google execs., Facebook execs., Apple execs. to name just a few.

Here’s what they have in common…

To no surprise, it just confirmed and reinforced what I already knew. Those who are truly at the top of their game and field are freaks about time management & systems to manage their life and biz. Their #1 priory is about taking care of their health and those they love. They go to bed early...they get up early. They pray, they don’t party, they eat healthy...and they are all very focused and disciplined. They workout consistently, they are organized and run their lives by design, not default. Nearly across the board all of the ones I have met are F5 addicts.

Start there!

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