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Service & Sacrifice

Tom Tognoli Service Sacrifice

Friday morning, Lynn and I set off for Fort Worth, Texas to attend the wedding of our friends’ daughter. As we arrived to board our plane, who do we bump into at our gate but a bunch of young men and women in the military. Of course we thanked them for their service, and I used the opportunity to embarrass Lynn and get a photo. Would you expect anything less from me? Lynn always cringes when I do stuff like this.

I don’t know about you, but all too often I take for granted the service and sacrifice they make for all of us, so we can live the American Dream.

Check out this statistic. Nearly 3 million people have died serving our country. Think about that number for just a minute today… they died so we could have the life and opportunities we have. Pray for them and their families...thank them.

And the next time you think you can’t do it, think of them and ask yourself what advice would they give? Would they think it is so tough? When the going gets tough, would they tell you to give up and make excuses?

We owe it to them to give our absolute best.