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Pull the Trigger, for Cryin' Out Loud!

Pull the trigger, for cryin' out loud!!! What are you waiting for??

Some of the biggest success killers in life and business are procrastination and indecision.

For those who know me, you know I pull the trigger, and I pull it often. Many of you give me a hard time for being impatient. I am a bit of an oddball in that I err on the side of making decisions too quickly. It’s all good…I'm proud of it.

Do I make a few bad decisions and screw up? Heck yeah.

Would I make some bad decisions and screw up if I procrastinated? Heck yeah.

Which one is better? Making more decisions or fewer decisions?

The bottom line is that I am going to make some wrong decision regardless of how quickly I make them. The key is that when I do make a wrong decision, I admit it and fix it quickly. Don’t procrastinate on fessing up and making it right.

So, if you're a procrastinator, how do you change?

Ask for forgiveness, fix it, and move on.

Being decisive is something we need to train ourselves to do, because most people are born procrastinators. Start with the small, less critical decisions. Get in the habit of gathering information quickly and then pulling the trigger. The first thing you will discover is that your intuition is almost always right, and you will make very few bad decisions. Over time you will gain confidence and start pulling the trigger on bigger decisions. Not only will you get way more done, but you will be amazed at how less stressed you are when you are not holding on to all of those unmade decisions.