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Overalls and Hard Work

Why does life throw us challenges and crisis?

Because it’s the only way we will change and get to work as hard as we need to. It’s the only way we will rid ourselves of evil, bad habits, greed, ego, and misaligned priorities. It’s human nature to avoid change…it’s fear of the unknown...fear of getting hurt. Most will avoid it at all cost and will only change when it’s forced on them by outside crisis, death, illness, catastrophe, etc.

In the moment, change and challenge often isn't fun, it can actually be flat out miserable. Just remember that opportunity and success typically show up dressed in overalls as hard work, change, and challenge. So…how do we deal with it and turn the tables on change and challenge?

Accept it!

Think back over your life for a moment. Remember a time of challenge, crisis and change. My guess is a new and better person appeared in the mirror when it was over. A more thankful person, someone more humble, more caring. A person with better priorities.

Don’t be consumed with what may be taken away. Focus on who you will become and what you will accomplish. The reason things get taken away and the reason life throws us challenges and crisis is because it is the only way we will wake up and quit overlooking those things which are really most important… F-5: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance.

Make a commitment EVERY DAY to give thanks and be grateful for everything and everyone you have in your life. Quit being consumed by what you may have lost, or you will not be able to move forward towards accomplishing your goals. If we can do this, the pain will stop, life will be better, and we will be more at peace than ever before.

Remember, life is about who we become and how we grow when faced with challenge. It is what life is all about. It is when we grow. It is why we are here. Who are you becoming?

Strap on your overalls and get to work on challenging the status quo!

Tom Tognoli F5 Overalls Hard Work