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New Years Resolutions

So...what is it for 2020? What are you committed to doing?

Lose weight?
Eat healthy?
Go to church?
Get out of debt?
Get organized?
Find a companion?
Quit worrying about things I can't control?
Become part of a life group?
Stop drinking?
Be happier?
Make more money?
Be more present and in the moment?
Save more money?

Those are some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions I hear every year. Heck…a couple of those are mine.

Unfortunately for most people, 2020’s New Year resolutions are going to be exactly the same resolutions they had last year... and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that…

So…is 2020 going to be different? If the answer is yes, then my question is WHY?

If you want to have any chance at accomplishing your 2020 resolutions and goals, you need to get crystal clear on WHY you want it. Then you better get super clear on HOW you are going to do it. Then, you better get super committed to DO it every day. Finally, you better become part of a GROUP, a TRIBE, a CLAN, a TEAM, a COMPANY...that will help support you to accomplish it. Then, you will DO IT!

Happy New Year!

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