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Live Long and Prosper

The last few months I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and spend time with family. It’s been a great summer. Last week I played golf with a buddy I have probably not golfed with in over a decade. Back in our twenties when we were just out of college, we would hit it at least once a week. It was great to catch up and reconnect.

Like so many of us, he struggles with the challenges of balancing work, raising a family, trying to be a good husband, trying to get ahead, saving for the future, and all the other things we try to juggle. Life is crazy...there is no avoiding it. He was telling me about the things he is listening to and reading, and the events he has been attending- Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Rich Dad Poor Dad, etc. All great stuff, but he still isn’t getting out of life and biz what he wants. He asked what advice I had.

I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I shared with him that we only perform as well as we feel and see ourselves. If you don’t feel good and if you aren’t fit and healthy, that’s the first place to start. If you aren’t happy with YOU it’s hard to get others to be happy with you…right? When you get better and feel better, you perform better and will be happier.

My advice for him was simple but hard to do. Bag all of the conferences and books for a while and do the following. Simply focus on doing this and watch what happens in 90 days.

  • Do it EVERY DAY
  • Do it as many sets as it takes
  • Do them all at one time or randomly throughout the day. It does not matter. Just don’t put your head on the pillow at night until it’s done.
  1. Download the MyFitnessPal app and track your calories. Keep it under 2,000 per day.
  2. 50 pushups (on knees if necessary)
  3. 100 seconds of plank or 100 crunches
  4. 50 air squats
  5. Walk two miles briskly each day (30 minutes)
  6. Get rid of your coffee table and get off the couch.
    • Sit on the floor and stretch while watching TV at night. The harder your floor the better.
    • Focus on opening your chest and pulling your shoulders back.
    • Get rid of the slouch and folding shoulders that comes with age for most.

Do this every day for the next 90 days and watch what happens to you. Not only to your body, but your mind, your attitude, your relationships, your job, and your finances. Get to work.

Tom Tognoli F5 Live Long and Prosper