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What's Your Jam?

Just as the people we hang with shape who we are, the books we read and music we listen to can have a huge impact on our life.

There are a ton of great books and podcasts out there to help you improve your F5: (Faith-Family-Friends-Fitness- Finance). I’m sure all of you have read and listened to many of them. But, what about tunes? What are you listening to? What do the lyrics say? That’s what gets burned into our minds.

Music is a big part of me and my life. I am always listening to music. Specifically, music that motivates and inspires me in my mission and my life. Yes I listen to AC/DC, The Stones, Queen, and a little of everything else, but what I am very picky about is what I pump into my brain when I am thinking, praying, visualizing, and working out.

So what’s your jam? What’s your playlist that you listen to when you need to be inspired, think, plan, visualize and/or find comfort? If you don’t have one, make it now and start listening to it often and watch what happens. Music can be the gas in your tank…fill it up!

Here is one of my many regular playlists on Spotify…check it out and enjoy. Hope you add a few of my tunes to your #HighF5 playlist.

Tom Tognoli F5 #HighF5