Tognoli Time

Important vs Urgent

It is one of the biggest battles in life!

One of the things I really focus on is making a conscious decision every day to spend my time doing the important and not the urgent. Most people spend the majority of their lives running around like a chicken with their head cut off jumping from one urgent crisis to another, dealing with all of the urgent crap in life. But you know what? The urgent stuff is typically nothing more than the important stuff we procrastinated on doing...and now it’s a crisis...and if it doesn’t get done something is going to blow up! Guess what – it’s urgent.

It is important that we exercise and eat right every day. If we don’t, when we get 10, 20, 50 to 100 pounds overweight, and our blood pressure and cholesterol are through the roof, it will be urgent that we take care of ourselves so we don’t keel over and have a heart attack, or worse.

It is important that we spend quality time with our family, every day. If we don’t, it will become urgent one day when we come home and they are gone.

It is important to constantly be embracing change and innovation. If not, one day we will wake up and the world will have passed us by and we will be frantically trying to catch up. Change and innovation will become urgent.

It is important we save for our future. If we don’t, as we get older it becomes urgent.

I know the urgent will always pull at us. The key is to have the discipline to stick to the important stuff and you will find we will eliminate most of the urgent stuff.

It’s Important, not Urgent.