Tognoli Time

Will you make it to a hundred?

If I gave you some tips on things you can do to live longer, maybe even make it to 100, would you do them? Would you make the changes?

Unfortunately, I know most wouldn’t but you aren’t most...RIGHT?

Go to and do the LivingTo100 Calculator. At the end the “test” it will tell you, based on your answers to the questions, how long you can expect to live. It will also give you some tips on things you can do to live longer.

Here’s my prediction…if you take the test and make the necessary changes to live to be 100, you will not only live longer, but because you will feel better, you will be more motivated and inspired. And because you are more motivated and inspired, you will perform better in all the equites of your life…you will have better relationships, a better business, and just plain and simply you will have a better life.

Make some changes in one of the most important areas of our life and watch it flow into the other areas of your life as well. Just watch!

Here’s to making it to 100++++

Tom Tognoli Live to be a hundred