Tognoli Time

It's GO Time!

In every difficult situation there is an opportunity, we just need to find it. The difficult part is when the going is tough, we often find our heads and attitudes in the gutter with everyone else saying, “Why is this happening to me?”

Right now, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you can find the courage and strength to pull your head out of the gutter and dig deep...I mean really deep...there is more opportunity out there than ever because your competition is all down in the dumps, just waiting for “it” to be over. Now is not the time to wait for “it” to change, it is time to make “it” least change those things we have control over. And those things we have control over are our actions, our attitudes, and our work ethic.

I know what many of you are saying, ”Tom, you are full of...”. But think about it...what is your competition doing right now? That’s right...they are sitting on the sidelines and waiting. And because they are waiting and not doing anything, is exactly why now is your opportunity. The key is to not get sucked into the doom and gloom, and start focusing on those things you have control over...your actions, your attitude, your work ethic, and your mindset. Remember in every breakdown, there is an opportunity to have a breakthrough for those who have the courage to grab it.