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Tognoli Time

Forgive Me

“What should I do?”
“What do you think?”
“Let me give it some thought.”
“I will get back to you on it.”
“Let’s have a meeting so we can get EVERYONE to agree.”
...and so nothing ever happens.

On the other hand, procrastinating and being indecisive is a success killer.

Being decisive is not easy, and it doesn’t come naturally for many people. In most cases, it’s something we need to train ourselves to do. Being decisive can be scary…we don’t want to offend anyone, we want to avoid conflict, and we are afraid of making mistakes.

But if we aren’t decisive, we will never get any closer to the things we want. Candidly, we will get what everyone else wants.

No more waffling…No more waiting…No more putting off what we need to do to get what we want.

Push through the pain and the doubt at all cost…success is just on the other side. Just remember that is part of the process of getting better…be okay with it.

Ask for forgiveness…don’t ask for permission.

GO !!

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