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Don't Sacrifice It...

I was having lunch with the founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley start up last week and we got to talking about brand, quality and reputation. The question is, what makes more sense…building a business on volume/units/price, or on quality?

What do you think?

How about, both!!

But what if that’s not possible?

When starting anything new there is always going to be the cash burn that comes with being a startup, and if we aren’t careful and guarded that can lead to desperation and the temptation to sacrifice your values, brand and reputation for “a deal”. Big mistake!

The biggest mistake most make is putting quick sales or a deal over building a long term respected brand and business that has a great reputation for quality which will help you thrive long into the future.

My advice is always the same: Focus on quality, brand and your reputation first. Don’t ever sacrifice it. Its the foundation of any successful business...and life.


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