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Clear Your Runway

Could you imagine a jet taking off on a runway full of garbage? There is no way in the world you would ever step foot on a jet attempting to do that, yet that is the way most of us run our lives every day.

Like a jet trying to take off on a runway full of garbage, our runway to success is the environment we live and work in every day. Every day you go to work, look at your workspace, your inbox, your voicemail, and your brain as your runway. Would you take off using those things as your runway if they’re a mess? No way! If your desk is full of junk, if your inbox has hundreds or thousands of emails you have not dealt with, if you have garbage running through your mind, you are destined for disaster.

Here is the easiest - and most difficult - thing we all need to do to achieve success both personally and professionally – clean up our runways. That’s it.

  1. Make sure your desk is spotless when you go home every night. You can throw away 80% to 90% of that stuff on your desk. Think about it…you haven’t touched it in weeks or months. If you do end up needing it later, there is this amazing thing called the internet that has everything in the world stored in it someplace. If for some reason you can’t find it there, ask the pack-rat in the desk next to you for it.
  2. Make sure your inbox is empty every day when you go home. Yes…EMPTY! I have a personal rule when it comes to email…when I read my email I either do it, delegate it, or delete it. Deal with it and get it out of your inbox. Quit the procrastination!
  3. Get it out of your head and write it down on a list. Our minds are made for creating ideas, not storing them. Quit spending all of your time trying to remember everything you need to do and write it down…then you can just spend your time doing what you need to do.

The same things apply at home…our F5 runway (Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Finance). Make sure the strip is clean or you will crash there as well. Clean it up so you can build speed, take off, achieve, and win.

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