Tognoli Time

Can't or Won't?

You have heard the stories…a car falls on a son or daughter…the father grabs the bumper, lifts the car, and the child slides out to safety. The father has not lifted a weight in years and if you had asked him yesterday, he would have told you he could not pick up 100 pounds off the ground. How in the world could he lift a car? Well, adrenaline for sure... but really, it’s because he had to.

When we talk about the keys to success...success at anything in is almost never a case of whether someone can or can’t do what is necessary. It is a case of whether they will or won’t do what is necessary. The most successful people in the world WILL do whatever it takes. The masses say they CAN’T.

For most people, we never really know what we are capable of until our backs are completely against the wall…really against the wall…when all of our options are gone and the only choice is to do whatever it takes to survive...or don’t and perish, like an addict that hits rock bottom.

The fortunate and unfortunate thing about that is, most people never let themselves get there…we never let our backs get completely against the wall. The fortunate thing is we don’t need to make a survive or perish decision. The unfortunate thing is that because we never need to make that decision, we never really know what we are capable of. So many people hover just off the wall…barely hanging on and doing just enough so they don’t have to make that life or death decision…and take life or death action. The bummer is there is always this void…this feeling deep down inside that we know more is possible. And we go to our grave never knowing what we were really capable of.

We are all capable of so much more than we think is possible. We just need to quit thinking of things in the framework of whether we can or can’t and start looking at things in the framework of whether we will or won’t.

Get out there and do it…you CAN, you WILL…you WIN!!!!!!

Tom Tognoli F5 Cant or Wont