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Ask for Forgiveness

What should I do?”...”What do you think"..."”Let me give that some thought?”...”I will get back to you on that”...”Let’s have a meeting so we can get everyone to agree”...blah blah blah. So nothing ever happens.

Being decisive is one of the biggest keys to success...while procrastinating is one of the biggest success killers. Being decisive is something we have to train ourselves to do because it is not natural for most people...while procrastination comes naturally. Unfortunately, most of us are conditioned not to be decisive because we don’t want to offend anyone, we are afraid of making mistakes, or we just don’t want to take risks. It’s so much easier to just not make a decision...go along to get along. I see people every day that just sit there and think, procrastinate, and ponder what to do but never actually do anything. Unfortunately, they never get any closer to the things they want. The reality of it is not making a decision gets you farther away from what you want because in life if you are not changing and improving every day, you are slipping backwards.

What we all need to do is stop waiting for someone to tell us we can...let’s figure out our goals, then write down specifically what we need to do to accomplish them. Put those specifics into our schedule, and then make a commitment to JUST DO IT!!!!! No more more more putting off what you need to do to get what you want. At the beginning of each day, review your goals and specifically what you need to do, then simply do it. At the end of each day, review your goals and specifically what you need to do and compare that to what you did today. Is it in alignment? If not, why? Once your day is over, recommit yourself and then start again the next day. Do this day in and day out...before you know it your goals will become a reality. Just don’t give up...remember it is the accumulation effect of doing it over and over again that will get you what you want. It will typically come out of nowhere just about the time you are ready to give up and throw in the towel. Don’t!!!! Push through the pain and the doubt at all cost...success is just on the other side. It requires breakdowns for breakthroughs. Just remember that is part of the process of getting better.

Ask for forgiveness if you have to...but don’t ask for permission.

Tom Tognoli Ask for Forgiveness