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5 Simple Tricks to Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions

  1. Get Specific! A vague goal is as useful as no goal at all...general ideas about what you want give you nothing to work with and nowhere to go. It's only when you get specific about what you want that the path to success is revealed. Take time to narrow down your resolutions into specific ideas and turn your vague goals into crystal-clear goals.
  2. Spread the word! Don't keep your goals all to yourself. The more you share your goals with others, the more life you give to those goals. It gives them the chance to grow and gain momentum. So, tell at least two other people about your goals, and be sure not to make the mistake of giving without receiving; spend just as much time listening to ideas as you did in sharing your own.
  3. Buddy up! When it comes to living a better life, few things are as powerful or persuasive as a living, breathing human being. Books, tapes, etc. can help you along, but nothing can compare to one-on-one interaction. The buddy system is one of the most effective goal-achievement tools you can use. By partnering with a goal-seeker, you'll have all the support you need to achieve anything you set your mind to.
  4. Burn the bridge! While preparing his next book, a famous writer listed his weight at fifty pounds lighter than reality. Not only that, but he did so knowing full well that only months after publication, he would be paraded in front of thousands of his biggest fans. Why? To burn the bridge of easy escape. He knew he needed to lose the weight, but he also knew he would give up on the goal without any pressure to follow through. By promising his public a fifty-pound weight loss, he had no choice but to achieve the goal. What steps can you take today to burn the bridge of an easy escape and commit yourself to living a better life?
  5. Do something...Now! As they say, there's no better time than the present...and when it comes to living a better life, they couldn't be more right. The true power of taking one small step comes not in the small step of progress you'll make, but in the act of doing something about the things you want. As you know, getting started is often the most difficult part of the process. Millions of people dream, but few actually ever take action…and that is why it is critical that you do something today. Think of one small step you can take right now that will bring you closer to accomplishing your goal and once you have it in mind, DO IT!!!!!! Don't think about it…don't consider it…JUST DO IT NOW!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

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