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Unlocking Your Equity

Tom Tognoli EquiFi

One of the biggest challenges for most people as they transition into retirement is how to maintain their lifestyle and enjoy their golden years when the majority of their net worth is in their home. Especially when you consider that 37% of homes in America have no mortgage and 70% of the average American’s wealth is in their home. What are the options?

Sell or get a reverse mortgage? Well...maybe not. What if you could also sell a portion of your home, stay in it, and have no payments until you or your family are ready to sell? You can stay in your home and enjoy your retirement!

I am an investor and sit on the advisory board for a new company that is tapping into the sharing economy. The company is EquiFi ( Our product isn’t a loan, requires no monthly payment, and you only pay it back when you sell your home, pass away, or choose to pay it off at your discretion.

Institutional investors like insurance companies and pension plans love real estate, but they have very limited access to home price appreciation. So, they are willing to advance you a percentage of your current home value in return for a share of the future value of your home. They even have downside risk on the capital they provide you, and they don’t want to own your home, they just want to watch it grow in value with you at the helm. And you’ll always get the majority of the increased value!

  • ✓ GENERATE INCOME: The harsh fact is many of us will need to access our home equity to supplement the income we receive from social security and our retirement assets. Now you can convert your home equity into an insured income stream guaranteeing the equity you access will never be lost. Insuring your income may be the safest way to know your bills will be paid—and your home equity is providing that solution.
  • ✓ DIVERSIFY: You may just have too much equity in your home, so with equity financing you can work with your wealth adviser to move some of it into a more balanced asset allocation plan.
  • ✓ FUND HEALTH NEEDS: You can use your home equity to fund your Medicare Supplement insurance and/or long-term care insurance for stay at home nursing so you can age in place.
  • ✓ CHARITABLE GIFTING: Once you receive your equity you may want to turn that into a tax-deductible gift and reduce possible estate taxes.
  • ✓ HELP FUND COLLEGE EDUCATION: Have you ever thought about helping out your grand kids, nieces or nephews who are burdened with student loan debt? Now you can use some of your equity to pay off a loan or reduce the amount of student loan debt they need.

EquiFi’s competitors utilize expensive hedge fund capital which goes directly into the cost the consumer pays. EquiFi is working primarily with insurance companies where the cost of capital is much lower.

Ping me if you ever need help. I have lived in the Silicon Valley for over 50 years and been in the real estate industry for over 30…and I ran the #1 real estate company in Silicon Valley for nearly 20 years. I am happy to introduce you to David Shapiro, the Founder and CEO of EquiFi, and his staff who can help you better understand how they can help.

Making money and living in Silicon Valley is not easy and it’s complicated. I am here to help and introduce you to the right people who can help you, regardless of what you need. Tap into me.