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Uber: The Worst Performing IPO in US Stock Market History

Tom Tognoli Uber IPO

I'm not surprised...are you?

I love Uber as a service, but as an investor I'm not convinced. Before you go all in on companies like Uber remember the years 2000, and 2007 & 2008. Don't put your life and/or life savings into companies that don't make money...especially if they are losing billions. I may not be the smartest guy in the room but I do have some pretty good intuition and common sense. And I know some pretty smart people I tap into here in Silicon Valley. One of the many benefits of being a Silicon Valley native...I know people.

The only real way I see Uber becoming profitable is by getting rid of their biggest expense, the drivers who keep 70%+/- of the fare, and start using autonomous cars. Then I like it as a business... I just don’t think the drivers will be too fired up. I know Elon says it’s here today but having the tech in place and getting government to agree on it are two very different things.

Do you agree or disagree?